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They will witness the opening by Alex. Mildren of the Singer Car Club's new circuit. Mildren is the only N.S.W. driver to have wSh the Gold Star _Trophy, the symbol of Australia's champion driver. The Singer Club did not approach any outside body to finance their project. They organised £3,000 in £5 shares and spent weekends labouring on the circuit, together with tfie honorary help of Oran Park landholder, Mr Dan Cleary. Now the circuit has its first coating of bitumen and is said to be worth £12,000. Following practice yesterday, the first races ¦will follow the official opening at 10.30 today.

7_&IFTEEN months of solid work 1 by a small hand of motor sport enthusiasts will bear fruit today at Oran Park, near Camden.

For today's meeting clerkof-the-course, George Murray_, will drive an M.G. A to give the 80 competitors a "rolling start." This is to counter the fierce acceleration (arid track wearing) at the starting point in scratch races. Among those who played their part in the Oran Park circuit are such little known names in the "big smoke" as the Dunedoo and Berrima Car CJubs. Today's meeting will be between members of the Singer, Manly, M.G. and Southern Sporting Clubs. The circuit is one and an eighth miles and all parts can be seen from the spectator enclosure.

Oran Park is about three miles along the Cobbity Road, off the Hume Highway (between Narellan and Leppington).

_• _• *

Today also sees the first meeting on the new Sandown Park circuit in Melbourne.

This meeting will iron nit any faults before the International meeting is held there on March 11.

By the number of times 1 have seen Sandown Park chairman Neil Marsden in Sussex Street, I feel Warwick Farm's Geoff Sykes Australia's champion motor racing driver for 7960., Alex Mildren receiving the laurels which marked his achievements_.

must be playing a big part in an advisory capacity.

* _• * Former Round-Australia Trial winner Doug Stewart has been elected State chairman of C.A.M.S. for the third successive year. N.S.W. followers are hoping Stewart will be elected Australian President next year, when, for the first time, the position will be filled by ballot. Previously this post has been filled by the chairman from the State where the Australian Grand Prix was being held. Next year the A.G.P. will be allocated to the club with the best circuit, facilities and prize money, instead of being rotated round all the States in turn. On this basis, the 1963 A.G.P. is likely to go to Warwick Farm, Bathurst or Melbourne's Sandown Park,

_• * *

The next Warwick Farm meeting will be held on Sunday, April 1. It was felt changing to a Saturday would clash with horse racing and a number of the Warwick Farm staff would have been absent. An earlier date would not have given sufficient time for entries and a later one would have clashed with the Easter meeting at Bathurst.

_• * *

At least 12 entries are expected for the N.S.W. Formula Junior championship at Katoomba on March

11. Drivers who already have entered are Glynn Scott, Victorian Neville McKay (Lotus 20), Paul Bolton, Leo Geoghegan and Peter _Wherrett (Lynx). This event, for the Wills Trophy, will be the second round of the new Australian championship for Formula Juniors.

_•** The first Jaguar E type coupe, a red one , reached Sydney on Friday and will be on display in William Street till Wednesday. Lucky owner is city businessman Laurie O'Neill, who in recent years has owned a Mercedes 300 SI-, a Ferrari, a Chevrolet totpala, and a Zagato bodied Aston Martin,